FAQs about Online Sabong

What is the sabong in the Philippines?

Sabong in the Philippines is a cockfighting activity, sometimes sabong is also some sabong card game, but most of the time sabong is understood as cockfighting.

Is there still online sabong in the Philippines?

Yes, of course, online sabong is still a regular activity in the Philippines. You can watch sabong live and bet on cockfights at Onlinesabongphil.com

Is online sabong legal?

That’s right. Online sabong or online cockfighting is a legal activity in the Philippines, online sabong is certified by PAGCOR.

Who are the operators of E-sabong in the Philippines?

E-sabong in the Philippines is an activity supervised by PAGCOR, Online Sabong PH is a certified unit to operate online cockfighting matches in the Philippines.