Top 10 game farms in the Philippines

Gamefowl breeding isn’t just a sport in the Philippines; it’s a way of life. Steeped in history and fueled by fierce competition, this tradition has given rise to legendary breeders and bloodlines known worldwide. Some of the Philippines’ most passionate gamefowl experts open the doors to their farms, offering an unforgettable glimpse into a world where champions are born.

f the thrill of the fight stirs your blood, or you’re captivated by Filipino culture, a visit to one of these top 10 farms is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Top 10 Must-Visit Game Farms in the Philippines

Gamefowl breeding is a deeply rooted tradition in the Philippines, where legendary farms produce some of the world’s finest fighting birds. If you’re fascinated by the sport or simply curious about this aspect of Filipino culture, here are the top 10 gamefowl farms you won’t want to miss:

  • RGA Gamefarm (Nene Abello)
  • Nene Aguilar Breeding Farm
  • AEJ Gamefarm (Edwin Dela Cruz)
  • RED Gamefarm (Raffy Campos and Edwin Arañez)
  • DL Gamefarm (Doyet Lapido)
  • Red Foot Gamefarm (Lancelot de la Torre )
  • AA Cobra Gamefarm (Atong Ang)
  • Blue Blade Gamefarm (Sonny Lagon)
  • Firebird Gamefarm (Biboy Enriquez)
  • DVH and Sons (Dante Hinlo)

Whether you’re a seasoned breeder, a newcomer to the world of gamefowl, or simply interested in experiencing a unique slice of Filipino tradition, these top 10 farms offer an unforgettable glimpse into the passion and expertise that drive this captivating sport.

Attributes and Best Breeds

Here’s a breakdown of the attributes and best breeds associated with each of the top 10 farms. 

Farm Name Location Attributes Best Gamefowl Breeds
RGA Gamefarm (Nene Abello) Bacolod, Negros Occ. Legendary status, consistent derby wins Possum 226 Sweater (speed, power, cutting)
Nene Aguilar Breeding Farm Silang, Cavite Derby track record, diverse bloodlines Varies, known for champion birds
AEJ Gamefarm (Edwin Dela Cruz) Tanauan City, Batangas 2017 World Slasher Cup winner Golden Boy Sweater, 5K Sweater, Gilmore Hatch, Kearny Whitehackle, Dom
RED Gamefarm (Campos/Arañez) Lucban, Quezon Large-scale production Known for volume, breeds likely vary
DL Gamefarm (Doyet Lapido) Davao City Veterinarian owner, integrated farming Breeds likely vary, unique focus on animal health
Red Foot Gamefarm (de la Torre) Talisay City, Negros Occ. Specializes in Boston Roundhead Boston Roundhead
AA Cobra Gamefarm (Atong Ang) Lipa City, Batangas Owner’s notoriety, competitive performance Diverse bloodlines
Blue Blade Gamefarm (Sonny Lagon) San Pablo City, Laguna Most World Slasher Cup wins Barnett Sweater
Firebird Gamefarm (Biboy Enriquez) Tanay, Rizal Popular, strong online presence White Kelso
DVH and Sons (Dante Hinlo) Bacolod Long-standing reputation, high-quality breeding Kelso, Dan Grey, Roundhead, DVH Black

Their Uniqueness and Differences

Here’s a breakdown of what makes each of these top 10 gamefowl farms unique and how they differ from one another:

RGA Gamefarm (Nene Abello):

  • Legacy: RGA Gamefarm is a true icon in Philippine gamefowl breeding. Their decades-long dominance in derbies demonstrates unmatched skill and dedication.
  • Possum 226 Sweater: Renowned for refining the Possum 226 Sweater, known for its speed, cutting prowess, and power. Birds from this line inherit this legendary potential.
  • Additional Points: Their history suggests strategic bloodline incorporation for adaptability, while the “Nene Abello” name itself signifies deep knowledge of the sport.

Nene Aguilar Breeding Farm:

  • Diverse Winning Bloodlines: This farm stands out by strategically acquiring proven bloodlines from various breeders, prioritizing derby wins over breed purity.
  • Derby-Driven Focus: They seek out birds with a track record of success, potentially leading to unique and exciting combinations for breeders.
  • Additional Considerations: The “Nene Aguilar” name adds prestige, but their reputation depends on their ability to consistently identify champion birds.

AEJ Gamefarm (Edwin Dela Cruz):

  • Recent Prominence: Their World Slasher Cup victory marks a meteoric rise, showcasing their skill in blending sought-after bloodlines.
  • A Name to Watch: This recent success and focus on specific bloodlines make AEJ Gamefarm a breeder in demand.

RED Gamefarm (Campos/Arañez):

  • Scale: RED Gamefarm distinguishes itself with its large-scale production, supplying a wider market with battle-ready birds.
  • Commercial Focus: They emphasize consistent performance, making them accessible to breeders seeking reliable gamefowl in greater quantity.

DL Gamefarm (Veterinarian Doyet Lapido):

  • Emphasizes holistic gamefowl breeding, prioritizing health and well-being.
  • Utilizes integrated farming practices, including K9 services, for a well-rounded approach.

Red Foot Gamefarm (De la Torre):

  • Specializes in breeding Boston Roundheads, a highly sought-after gamefowl style.
  • Considered a trusted source for breeders specifically interested in Boston Roundheads.

AA Cobra Gamefarm (Atong Ang):

  • Benefits from the owner’s celebrity status include attracting initial attention.
  • Maintains success through consistently breeding high-performing gamefowl.
  • Earns respect within the breeding community for the quality of their gamefowl.

Blue Blade Gamefarm (Sonny Lagon):

  • Unmatched Championship Wins: Sets itself apart with a proven track record of victories in the prestigious World Slasher Cup.
  • Coveted Bloodline: The Barnett Sweater line is highly sought-after by breeders, further solidifying their reputation.

Firebird Gamefarm (Biboy Enriquez):

  • Accessibility: Strong online presence and reputation make them a popular choice for those interested in acquiring the White Kelso breed.
  • Approachable Entry Point: Offers a welcoming entry point into the world of gamefowl breeding for enthusiasts.

DVH and Sons (Dante Hinlo):

  • Traditional Excellence: As one of the oldest established game farms, DVH represents a commitment to classic, time-tested bloodlines.
  • Respected Reputation: Their name carries a legacy of quality and dedication within the gamefowl breeding community.


The top 10 gamefowl farms in the Philippines are a testament to the vibrant world of gamefowl breeding. Whether you seek classic bloodlines, champion combinations, or a glimpse of celebrity-owned birds, these farms offer a unique window into this tradition. Their shared passion for excellence is undeniable. If you’re a breeder, a fan of the sport, or simply intrigued by Filipino culture, don’t miss the chance to experience these legendary farms firsthand. It’s where history, skill, and the thrill of competition come alive.

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