World Slasher Cup 2024: Where Feathers Fly and Champions Rise

The World Slasher Cup, an internationally recognized cockfighting event, is set to return in 2024. This competition attracts participants and audiences from around the globe, making it a significant cultural and sporting occasion. At the heart of the event are the roosters, bred and trained for this purpose, which compete in matches that are as much about breeder prestige as they are about the sport itself.

The event, steeped in tradition, evokes strong emotions and differing views on the ethical implications of cockfighting. As the World Slasher Cup approaches, it remains a focal point for debate and interest among its global audience.

What is the World Slasher Cup?

Experience the ultimate clash of feathered warriors! The World Slasher Cup is where the world’s finest gamefowl breeders pit their champions in thrilling, high-stakes battles. This is a tradition steeped in centuries and skill honed over generations. Witness a sport’s power, tenacity, and raw intensity unlike any other. The World Slasher Cup is where history, competition, and the enduring fascination with nature’s fiercest fighters collide.

World Slasher Cup 2024 Venue

The 2024 World Slasher Cup, a week-long cockfighting event held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, ran from January 29th to February 4th. Over 200 top breeders and fighters from the Philippines participated. A highlight of the event was the inaugural World Slasher Cup 9-Cock Invitational Derby on February 4th, where six entries emerged as champions.

What’s New in World Slasher Cup 2024?

Get ready for the biggest, most thrilling World Slasher Cup yet! The iconic Araneta Coliseum will again rumble as the world’s finest gamefowl breeders clash. Here’s what makes this edition stand out:

  • Worldwide Reach: Can’t make it to the Philippines? Enhanced live streaming lets you catch every razor-sharp moment from anywhere worldwide.
  • Record-Breaking Lineup: Expect a massive roster of international breeders, bringing their most formidable champions to the arena.
  • Beyond the Fights: Dive deeper into the sport with cultural showcases, expert workshops, and the chance to meet cockfighting legends.

How to Participate in the World Slasher Cup

Participating in the World Slasher Cup is a dream for many breeders and handlers; here is how:

Breeding and Preparation: Participation in the World Slasher Cup centers around having top-tier fighting roosters. This requires:

  • We are acquiring proven Gamefowl bloodlines.
  • We have dedicated breeding and selection for fighting traits.
  • Rigorous training and conditioning regimens.

Registration: Visit the official World Slasher Cup website.

  • Look for the “Register” or “Entry Forms” section.
  • Complete the registration form with your details and information about your birds.
  • The WSC Derby Office will contact you to confirm your eligibility and participation.

Fees and Logistics:

  • Be prepared to pay entry fees, which can be substantial.
  • Arrange transportation for your roosters to the event venue.
  • Accommodate yourself and your team if traveling to the Philippines.

Important Considerations:

  • Ethical Concerns: Be aware of the strong animal welfare objections to cockfighting. Research and understand this debate before deciding to participate.
  • Competition: The World Slasher Cup attracts the best breeders worldwide. The level of competition is exceptionally high.

World Slasher Cup 2024 Live Stream and Coverage

Live stream coverage will be available on the official World Slasher Cup website and select partner streaming platforms.

Expect to see:

  • Every match is broadcast in high quality.
  • Knowledgeable commentary to enhance your viewing experience
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the tournament

The World Slasher Cup 2024 brings the excitement of this prestigious event to a global audience through its live-streaming commitment.

Predictions and Competitors to Watch in 2024

As the World Slasher Cup 2024 gets closer, everyone’s talking about who might be the champion. Here’s how to spot the top contenders:

  • The Favorites: Look for breeders who have won big before. Their roosters are strong fighters, too.
  • The Underdogs: Don’t count out the new guys. Surprises happen at the World Slasher Cup!
  • Past Fights: Check out videos of past tournaments. See which roosters fight intelligent and challenging.

The Impact of the World Slasher Cup on Local Economies

The World Slasher Cup brings a significant economic boost to the local area. Thousands of international visitors flock to the event, supporting hotels, restaurants, shops, and transportation services. Beyond the financial benefits, the tournament also plays a vital role in preserving the cultural tradition of cockfighting, ensuring its legacy for generations.


The World Slasher Cup 2024 celebrates tradition, skill, and fierce competition. This iconic event draws breeders, fans, and the curious from around the globe. Let’s appreciate the dedication of everyone involved as the World Slasher Cup continues its global legacy.

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